Purchase information

Fill out, please contact us by FAX given to “purchase assessment application form”.

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Terms of purchased

Terms of purchase
1. Be able to sell the goods, you meet the next person.
・It can be clearly company name, department, real name, address, and phone number.
・That there is contact or address in Japan.
・You have a bank account of the company name or person.
・If necessary, it can be presented (driver’s license, insurance card, etc.) and identification.
2. If the individuals and company information presented to us had been different from the fact, the purchase agreement will be invalid.
3. Examination did on the offer of purchase assessment by FAX of the seller, we will present the estimated purchase amount of the product to the seller.
4. Examination did on the purchase approximate amount that we presented, if there is no large gap in desired amount, the seller can request actual confirmation.
5. You may have to disclose personal information only if: The Company.
・If it is determined to be appropriate in our case it is requested from the state agency law .
・There is human life , is imminent danger to property or body , and the like , if and to the extent deemed necessary urgent .